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Waste Handling

Waste handling dock
On arrival at the Ace Waste depot, bins are unloaded from our fleet vehicles onto the waste processing dock.  All bins are weighed across fully calibrated scales and relevant customer detail and bin weights are downloaded into the Ace Waste waste tracking system.

After bins have been weighed, waste is tipped into the shredder and then compacted into 5 cubic metre bins.




Ace Waste has a back up storage facility which allows for an excess of 100 tonnes to be packed into fully sealed 5 cubic metre bulk bins and held under refrigerated conditions in a specially designed bulk cool room.

Therefore Ace Waste has the capacity to store waste for an extended period if necessary and in fact the in-house bulk handling and refrigerated cool room facilities are specially designed to store clinical and related waste in the event of any breakdown or emergency.  This capacity ensures that there is no need for clinical and related wastes to go off site for any reason.

Waste handling Waste handling