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Clinical Waste Disposal Supplies & Services

Some of our clinical waste disposal supplies in MelbourneAce Waste provides clients with a range of collection containers which meet regulatory requirements and the recommendations contained in the Code of Practice issued by the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA). 

Available in numerous sizes, all containers prominently display the necessary labelling and are colour coded to enable easy identification with waste streams eg yellow for pathological waste and purple for cytotoxic waste. 

An added bonus for those requiring disposal of sharps containers is that these containers can be placed in our clinical waste bins for disposal – because we use high temperature incineration – sharps containers do not need to be kept separate for disposal – which can mean a huge saving in disposal costs. 

Ace Waste has fourteen modern collection vehicles which meet all regulatory requirements for the collection of clinical waste, quarantine waste and other waste streams. 

All waste collected from our clients is tracked via our LinkSoft Run System so that you meet all your obligations with regard to waste tracking.