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Pharmaceutical Waste


Ace Waste is able to provide safe and reliable solutions for the collection and disposal of all pharmaceutical and related waste products.

Current legislation demands that all cytotoxic and pharmaceutical wastes must be incinerated.  Ace Waste leads the market with the complete disposal of waste via our high temperature incinerators. 

collection of your Pharmaceutical waste.

As part of the Ace Waste Service, Pharmaceutical Waste Products are collected and safely transported to our facilities in supplied Ace Waste Contianers.   

Containers range from 120 litre MGB's (Mobile Garbage Bin) through to 1100 litre MGB's, to ensure the correct size for your requirements. If necessary adequate liners are able to be supplied and all pharmaceutical waste bins are provide with padlocks and keys.

Pharmaceutical products are also able to be collected and transported by pallet as required.